2018 Publications

note: please request the pdf of a publication if you cannot access it by emailing Mark.

JustĀ out/ accepted:

Kuebbing, S.E., Maynard, D.S., Bradford, M.A. (2018 for print) Linking functional diversity and ecosystem processes: a framework for using functional diversity metrics to predict the ecosystem impacts of functionally unique species. Journal of Ecology, doi: 10.1111/1365-2745.12835 (early online 2017).

Kuebbing, S.E., Reimer, A.P., Rosenthal, S.A., Feinberg, G., Leiserowitz, A., Lau, J.A., Bradford, M.A. (2018) Long-term research in ecology and evolution: A survey of challenges and opportunities. Ecological Monographs, in press.

Oldfield, E.E., Wood, S.A. & Bradford, M.A. (2018 for print) Direct effects of soil organic matter on productivity mirror those observed with organic amendments. Plant and Soil, doi: 10.1007/s11104-017-3513-5 (early online 2017).

Doroski, D.A., Felson, A.J., Bradford, M.A., Ashton, M.P., Oldfield, E.E., Hallett, R.A., Kuebbing, S.E. (2018) Factors driving natural regeneration beneath a planted urban forest. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, 29, 238-247.

Published/ in press:

King, J.R., Warren, R.J., Maynard, D.S., Bradford, M.A. (2018) Ant ecology and impacts in dead wood. In Ulyshen, M. (ed.) The diversity, ecology and conservation of insect life in dead wood, in press. Springer (Zoological Monographs series) (Invited).

Wood, S.A., Bradford, M.A. (2018) Leveraging new understanding of belowground foodwebs for ecological intensification of agriculture. In Singh, B. (ed.) Soil Carbon Storage: Modulators, management, and modeling, in press. Elsevier Publication (Invited).